Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doll Punch Art

Having just recently finished organizing my craft room has inspired me to create with punches I had almost forgotten I had. And since I have this week off work, there's no better time to play than now.
Some of my favourite punch shapes are the old Mega sized Nankong punches. It's unfortunate these are no longer available (although a few shapes were picked-up by The Punch Bunch).

I find that the seashell is one of the most versatile shapes to create with. Here is an example of a couple of dolls I made; a Raggedy Ann as well as a more modern version. Both the dresses and the apron are made with a slightly trimmed seashell.
Looking at shapes that are currently avaiable I think that a scallop circle punch could be trimmed to look very similar. Here's the size comparisson to the SU and PB punches:

I also made a boy doll to match, again we have Raggedy Andy and a more modern version:

I used the Emagination S. Giant flower pot punch for the overall body. Of course this is also no longer available (bound to happen when looking through my 700+ punches). This is however an easy fix as a trimmed square can be substituded. The flower pot shape is 34 mm tall and at it's widest point, 29 mm wide. The Mega square punch from PB is 40 mm. the shape could also be freehanded.

I've written the instructions for the modern boy and girl dolls (if I have time I'll do the Raggedy Ann & Andy one tomorrow).
If you click on the image it will take you to the full size version which you can right click and save.


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