Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kleenex box cards

I've read a few MB posts on several scrapbooking/card making sites where people have posted that they recycle tissue boxes and make cards with them.
I thought this was a great idea and decided to challenge myself to see how many unique cards I could make from one box.

I ended up with 12 cards and 2 book marks (using every usable scrap possible).

and here's the bird's eye view

This is the tissue box I started with:

Pretty good use of a scrap box if I do say so myself. And to top it all off, I had a blast working on this challenge. (The tissues are Real Canadian Superstore noname brand, just love the daffodils)

Here are some close ups of my favourites

tools used: expression stamp is SU, contemporary heart punch (large) by PB, scalloped square (42 mm) by PB and curly label and decorative label punches by SU.
tools used: expression stamp by SU, scalloped square (52 mm) PB, mega vase by Nankong. I trimmed the flowers from the box and accented the blossoms with gold liquid pearl.

Tools used: expression stamp by SU, decorate label punch, SU and a s.giant oval (72 mm) PB.
I coloured this one using paint pens to give it a more spring like feel appropriate for Easter.
Tools used: s. giant contemporary heart (PB) expression stamp by SU, s.giant circle (56 mm) PB.

Tools used: expression stamp by SU, curly and decorative label punches by SU and the giant scallop square (42 mm) by PB.

and last one for today, really simple. SU expression stamp and gold liquid pearl was used on the blossoms.

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