Sunday, January 13, 2013

TP Pillow boxes

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a busy holiday season for us and work has been just as busy. Unfortunately this means I have not had as much time (in fact very, very little) to create. I do have several projetcs to share for this week though.

First up, little pillow boxes I made for Christmas stocking stuffer wrappings. These would also work really well for Valentine's. Stuff them with Hershey's kisses, candy hearts, cinnamon candy etc. for a cute treate.

I customized mine to the recipient’s favourite colour.
Each also uses a different shape of punches in various sizes.

These were really simple to make. I cut strips of paper to the width of the toilet paper roll. Then trimmed them to the length needed to cover a roll (this will depend on the brand of TP as the rolls  differ a little in size from one to another).
I sprayed the TP roll with spray adhesive and then covered each with a paper strip.

I then flattened the tubes and used a 1/2 circle punch to punch half a circle into each end. This is the little cut-out on the flaps that allows you to open the pillow boxes with ease.

I then used the round base of one of my super giant punches and a medium embossing stylus to crease the edges in half moons on both ends. You could easily use any little box or jar that is approx. 4 ins in diameter for this.
Now fold at the crease marks and you have a finished little pillow box waiting to be decorated.
Here are the close-ups of each of my boxes.

All the shapes were punched from scrap cardstock (even some left over embossed pieces). I inked all the edges of my punched shapes and accented the design with a little bling and a ribbon bow.



 Next post: little sticky pads with closable personalized punch art covers.

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