Saturday, May 24, 2014

New SU Catty

Alright, I have no choice, I need to share this.
I received the new SU catty last week (thank you to my wonderful demo!). At first glance there were only a few items that spoke to me. After going through the catalogue a second time I decided to mark the pages with my trusty sticky tabs.

The results are rather scary.

I haven't had this many wants in a long time. I think I'm in big trouble (or at least my bank account is). Even if I narrow down my wants to my "must haves" the list is still soo long. I sure hope some of these items stick around for longer than the year so I have time to save the money needed.
On top of this there's of course also the worry that once the Holiday catty comes out I'll be in even more trouble.


  1. I had to laugh at the picture because mine looks the exact same. I'd be lost without my sticky notes....

  2. Isn't the new catalog amazing?!! I'm a demo, but even so, there are SO many cool new things in this one!! LOL on your sticky tabs too!!!!


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