Sunday, March 17, 2013

3D Easter Tree Ornaments 4

Last but not least, today I am sharing my bunny ornament.

 He looks more difficult to make than he is. Supplies needed as follows:
Ears: 2 large oval (SU), 2 small oval (SU) +  2 small pink - inner ears
Muzzle: 1/2" circle (PB), 2 in white
Hind legs: large heart (PB), 2 in white
Head: 1 1/4" scallop circle (SU) 8 in white
Body: 1 3/4" scallop circle (SU) 8 in white
Tail: 7/8" scallop (SU) 1 in white
Other supplies: small red ribbon, 2 blue or black beads (approx 1/4 - 3/8" size) for eayes and one small 1/8" white or pink bead for nose.
4-5" thread or string for hanger
Assembly instructions:
create the head and body as with the ornaments from the past few posts: crease and fold all circles in half, then glue together.
Glue the muzzle pieces together as shown in picture. Glue nose bead to center top and let dry. Glue ear pieces together using photo as a guide.
Glue muzzle to the center front of the smaller 3d circle. Glue eye beads inside the folds on either side of the muzzle and the ears to the back of those same folds.
Glue head to top of body (note the folds of the body face the opposite direction of the head's folds).
Glue legs into the bottom folds of the body and the tail on the back.
Then add hanger to top of  head and bow to front of neck.
Make sure you let everyhhting dry before you hang the ornament. I use Mono Multi glue; it dries really fast.

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