Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3D Easter Tree Ornaments

Ever since I was little we made an Easter tree. It was the center piece on our kitchen table and generously decorated with little homemade ornaments.

Generally these were crafted from blown-out eggshells; very delicate. No matter how carefull we packed them several would break every year.

This year I decided why not incorporate my love of paper crafting into making Easter tree ornaments - fast, fun and much more durable.
So last night I sat down and came up with 4 fairly quick designs. Well, 3 are pretty quick and easy, the last is a little more involved, hence it will be the last I share as it requires more detailed instructions.

The first is the simplest, one punch to make a 3d egg.

Very easy. All you need is glue (I used my trusty Mono Multi), 4-5" thread/string for a hanger, patterned or bright coloured cardstock and a Mega/super giant punch that resembles an egg shape.
I used my mega egg by Nankong, but SU's large 2" oval or even SU's scalloped oval would work really well too.
I simply punched 8 identical shapes, scored and folded them down the middle and then glued them together to form a 3d shape. The hanger was glued to the center top just before joining the last 2 pieces.
I think this would work really well with 2 coordinating colours of cardstock, like yellow and orange. Just punch 4 of each and then alternate the colours when assembling and you'll end up with a vertically striped egg.
here's a little preview of my 3d bunny ornament
Isn't he adorable? He's the most involved design of the 4, so he's last. Next post I'll have a pretty 3d flower to share.

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