Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A week of Mondays

A quick lunchtime update.
I seem to be experiencing a bit of bad luck in the last few days.
On Sunday my camera died. The shutter no longer opens/closes and the zoom is stuck. Lovely.
As the camera is 4 years old I decided a new one would be the better option. I order it online Sunday night and received an email this morning that it's shipper, yippy!.
I should have it in my hands Thursday or Friday.

So last night I frantically worked on backing up all our photos. This really confirmed how out of date my PC is (you don't really want to know how old it is, let's just say I bought it just before my now 24 yo graduated high school). Every 4th photo or so my PC would freeze for 2-3 minutes. It took me 2 hours to back-up 250 photos. Just dismal! Not sure if I will be able to buy some of my 'must have' SU items as I should probably invest in a new PC.

The lack of a working camera of course means I can't take any decent photo's of my most recent creations (I have 4 adorable critters just waiting to pose for you). Fortunately I have a couple of things photographed and thought I'd share those even though they were planned for later.
However this morning when I tried to go online from home my internet refused to work.

I re-booted; I disconnected the hub, disconnected the cable box; no luck. I checked several wireless devices no connection on those either. Our local network between PCs is working so my guess is the issue lies with our internet provider and not our hub. Of course trying to call Shaw before going to work isn't an option as it is bound to take too long and it would be rather difficult to explain to my boss why I'm late. Hopefully I can get this resolved tonight when I get home.

Here's hoping I can post something inspiring tonight.

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