Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Craft Room Update

I'm pleased to advsie that my internet issues have been resolved. Apparently Shaw had an outage in my area of the city this morning.

I thought it high time to post an update on my craft room.
If you haven't peeked inside my little corner, the original post on my room is here.

First notable change is my little display wall that I have right at the entrance:

I display favourite creations and/or newest creations here.

The biggest change is to my peg board wall as I purchased two Expedit units (before they were discontinued) from Ikea. They offered much better storage for my small space.

You can really see difference when you look at the before:

and after photo (wow, those daylight bulbs really make a difference):

Please excuse the mess on the corner of my main worktable (you can see it in the bottom left of the photo)
As nice as the paper trays were they took up a lot of space. As you can see I have all my 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 paper in 6 cubes verses 3/4 of the wall space.
The small sterilite 3 drawer units (there are 4 in total) I now use for scrap paper. Each drawer stores a different colour (white/beige, yellows, oranges, pink/red, purple, blues, greens, teal/turquoise, naturals/bronws, black/gray, Specialty (metallix, glitter...) and patterned.
The rest of the horizontal Expedit unit serves as a work table top. This is where I permanently store my Scoreboard and my envelope board - it's always ready to use.

My Stamp desk has changed a little too, after all I have aquired quite a large number of stamps in the past 2 + years. And I also converted almost all my wood mount stamps to cling.

I added small inserted images of the drawer content to my after photo as it gives a better overview.

There are also a few changes in my die and punch room, here is the before: Sorry I have to show 2 images frrm the before as the left one doens't show the far right wall at all. 

As you can see, I no longer have my old red Sizzix machine on the counter. This place is now reserved for my little Cuttlebug.

I have also added 3 shelves to the right wall. These house some of my dies, my Xyron, a few corner/border punches...

Beside the Cuttlebug I have all my various shims and cutting plates (for both the Cuttlebug and my AccuCut)
Behind the Cuttlebug are 2 little wooden crates. One holds my Embossing folders (I have managed to accumulate over 100) and the other my thin wafer dies.

I made the catagorized divers for the embossing folders using my envelope board. The dies are not as organized at the moment, but then I only own around 30 sets.
Hope you enjoyed my little update tour, and maybe I even helped inpire you to find some new storage solutions.


  1. Alex, I noticed in one of your photos that you still have some Coluzzles and you said you still use them. I have a question the, Where do you find the blades for the Coluzzes knife since they have been discontinued. I have some of the Coluzzles also and can't use them now since the blades have been discontinued. I would appreciate any help.

    I love the way you have set up your craft room. It seems that it is very user friendly.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Hi Estelle,
    I do still use my Coluzzle. I was lucky to be able to purchase several blade refills before they were discontinued and therefore still have a couple left now.
    But in anticipation of me running out I have looked into this and do believe that the X-Acto swivle knife refills can be used in the Coluzzle knife.

  3. Thanks, Alex, I have tried them and they don't work very well. I have cut chips into some of my Coluzzles. We don't have a Scrapbook store here where I live so I didn't have a chance to stock up on blades. But thanks for answering my post.
    By the way I enjoy your Punch art very much. I live doing punch heart when I can. I have done punch art and paper piecing in my albums. I find it very gratifying to express my creativity in that way. I confess I do not put that much work into my cards. Most people do not appreciate the work involved in being that creative.
    Thanks again


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